How It Works


How Small Business Funding Works

The professional and experienced consultants at Trustafi have made the application process as easy as possible so you can get back to running your business. It takes just a minute to answer seven quick questions, none of which require research or looking for paperwork! In addition to basic name and contact information, you need to tell us the amount of money you would like and how long you have been in business. We will contact you for some additional information and the process of your approval going right away. We will begin working with our top-tier lenders to find a program customized to your needs. You will be amazed at how fast and easy our application process is. Once you qualify, you can have access to your capital in as little as 24 hours.

Types of Funding

What types of funding are available?

Trustafi has working relationships and support of the most reputable financial leaders across the country providing various small business funding opportunities for our clients. Regardless of which program you qualify for or ultimately choose, our careful analysis allows us to structure a program that makes the most financial sense for your particular business. Our goal is to help you improve your bottom line.

Do You Qualify

Does Your Business Qualify for Small Business Funding?

Trustafi has a 90% rate for our applicants, so chances are, the answer is yes. We understand that not everyone can personally guarantee an advance or has the best credit. The single most important criterion we use to approve your financing is the overall health of your business. Trustafi will look at your business forms of income, such as your credit card processing history and your business bank statements, and use these to assess risk. Once we do that, we can utilize all of our resources to find you the best funding solution out there. Remember, funding with a short-term advance means that you are making fewer remittances.

Merchant Account Funding

Is Merchant Account Funding Right for You?

Merchant account funding may be right for you. This type of funding program essentially means that you sell a portion of your future debit and credit card earnings. You remit daily payments toward your balance based on a percentage of your daily credit card and debit sales. The percentage is fixed, but the remittance amount fluctuates with sales. On busy days, you remit a higher amount than on slow days. This arrangement also has fixed costs. Merchant account funding provides maximum flexibility since you are not tied to large lump sum payments when your business revenue is low or if you need time to recoup expenses.

The Cost

What Will Small Business Funding Cost You?

Because every business is different, costs vary among clients. But, one thing is certain; you will not pay interest. There is no APR or interest rate attached to your advance. You will pay a flat fee which Trustafi bases on risk assessment. Essentially, the lower the risk, the less expensive your cost will be. In situations with greater risk, it may be higher. You may have an option to reduce fees in the future. It couldn’t be simpler. We give you many options to choose from in customizing your cash advance. At Trustafi, we know how to fund the right deal for you.

Funding and Advances

Small Business Funding and Short Term Cash Advances

You may prefer to receive your small business funding in the form of a short-term cash advance. With this funding arrangement, you quickly receive a lump sum of capital. You may use it to make improvements, purchase equipment, or meet any other of your immediate business needs. You pay a fixed amount every day or month for a specific term of anywhere from 6-18 months. You pay no interest, only a fixed cost which we incorporate into the calculation of your regular remittances. You benefit from a fast infusion of cash, with none of the hassle associated with a traditional bank financing agreement.

Start Now

Start Your Relationship With Trustafi

Please take a moment to fill out our easy online application to see what funding may be available to help you invest in the health of your business. You don’t want to miss out on a big opportunity for your business to grow and prosper. Trustafi has an experienced professional team waiting to serve you and your small business needs. Apply now and get the capital you need quickly.