How Small Business Funding Helps Business Owners

Owning and maintaining a small business is a dream come true for many people. But you know that it takes hard work and creative thinking to succeed and expand any company. Small businesses have to consider cash flow every day when trying to meet the demands of customers and suppliers. What if you do not have the resources you need to take on that project or the inventory to meet demand?

Small Business Funding is Fast

Trustafi can help by providing business owners with funding options when banks will not. In today’s world, banks make it very difficult for small businesses to obtain traditional financing help. If you apply to the bank, the process can take a long time and require detailed and extensive financial information. Your business may miss out on a project or lose an opportunity while you are waiting for bank approval or, more likely, rejection. Trustafi can help you access fast funding options when the bank doesn’t lend you money.

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What Can You Do With Small Business Funding?

Consider the following examples of how small business funding can help you:

  • The owner of a small renovation business has the chance to remodel a 10,000 square foot 100-year old mansion for a wealthy community member. The property owner wants the job completed fairly quickly. The renovation company takes out $25,000 in small business funding to pay for additional workers and supplies he will need to get the job done. He repays $40,000 but has earned $80,000 for the job. He also now has a substantial and beautiful project under his belt which will surely increase business.
  • A restaurant owner is widely known for the outstanding pastries that she bakes from scratch for her customers every day. She is contacted by a local catering hall and asked to provide pastries for each of their parties scheduled for the entire year. They need about 700 pastries every week. Knowing this order could provide wonderful exposure, more institutional business, and a nice supply of income, the restaurant owner, wants to say yes. However, she does not have the equipment needed to fill such a large order. She receives $15,000 in small business funding to install an additional mixer and oven to devote entirely to the pastry orders. She repays this and has secured the future success of her business.
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Small Business Funding Provides Flexibility

For a small business to survive, the owner must have a flexible and easy source of capital. Your business simply cannot afford to wait for a bank to determine your financial future. A small or large amount of cash now can make a big difference to the health and growth of your company. We understand that you need options, and you need them fast. Trustafi helps small companies like yours sustain and expand. We have access to the top underwriters and work quickly to find the best solution to help your business thrive. Trustafi will evaluate your needs and pair them with the best compatible funding program.

Types of Small Businesses Trustafi Funds

The opportunities are unlimited when you and your business partner with Trustafi. We work with small business owners all across The United States to provide affordable and flexible financial solutions. It does not matter what type of business you are in or what your credit history is.

We continue to help diverse clients in the following areas:

  • Restaurants
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • HVAC
  • Home Renovation
  • Towing
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Body
  • Landscapers
  • Many others

How Can Small Business Funding Help in My Particular Industry?

Trustafi is available to help nearly all small business owners locate the best capital solution possible to help them thrive.

These are a few examples, and there are countless uses for small business funding!

Small Business Funding for Manufacturing

Maybe you are the owner of a manufacturing company, and you are getting ready to fulfill a large purchase order. You may benefit from merchant funding through a fast cash advance to purchase the supplies and materials you need to make the product. You can pay the money back a little bit each day and avoid a negative impact on your cash flow. Or you can pay it back at once after your customer pays their bill.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like if you have to tell a customer that you are unable to fulfill a large order or take on a project because you cannot afford to purchase the supplies. Do you think that customer would ever place another order or bring you more business? Having fast access to a small business funding solution under these circumstances could save your company.

Small Business Funding for Retail Seasonal Cash Flow

If you are the proprietor of a retail store, are you impacted by seasonal purchasing patterns? If so, small business funding can minimize the impact of the “slow” months. By providing you with a cash advance that you pay back a small amount at a time, merchant account funding can keep your business running smoothly. You can relax during your slow season and focus on important things. You can pay your bills and purchase greater inventory, feeling confident that the business will be back on track and even stronger when the season changes.

Small Business Funding for Expansion

What if that same-store owner wants to purchase another location? Funding can help provide the cash needed to secure the inventory to fill that store. A cash advance can also infuse the right amount of capital needed to pay a few months of rent until the store gets up and running.

Trustafi Can Provide All of the Small Businesses Capital You Need

Whatever industry you are in, you understand that to thrive; your business needs capital. Whether you need funding to get you through a seasonally slow period or to help you fulfill demands during a busy season, Trustafi can help.

We serve a wide variety of clients and are available to partner with you and your business today. With access to the top underwriters in the country, Trustafi can find a solution to help your business grow regardless of your credit. When banks are making it difficult for small businesses to qualify for traditional financing, Trustafi is worth contacting. Our easy application and caring consulting team can provide you with fast and easy service. You can focus on running a successful business while finding a funding solution to help you achieve your goals.

Apply Today

Our application process is fast and easy and does not burden you by asking for too many details. Don’t let bad credit stop you from applying. Our approval rates are very high in part because we have relationships with numerous underwriters who can provide personalized solutions for different kinds of applicants. You will not pay interest. Your advance will come with a fixed cost that is based on a risk assessment. Once we approve your application, access to your capital is quick. No matter your credit score or business model, Trustafi can find a customized funding option that meets your needs.